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Monday, June 29, 2015

Location: The Old Keep

A few miles outside of town is the old keep. You know the one. It was made by an ancient kingdom long ago and has been abandoned for many years. Legends about the keep, its content, and its inhabitants abound. Only one thing is certain: adventure awaits anyone bold enough to explore it.

The Old Keep

The keep is made of stone and fairly small. It doesn't have a wall surrounding it, but its few towers or small buildings are connected to each other, leaving a small open-air courtyard inside. The keep is in disrepair, perhaps covered in vines or moss, but it is (mostly) intact.

1. A band of orc bandits being manipulated by an imp
2. A poltergeist who is bound to the building until its ancient murder is solved
3. A few grumpy ogres or trolls who occasionally come out to hunt
4. A small tribe of fox-people who have turned the keep into a small trading village

1. An ancient sword bound with the magic of the stars
2. A few dusty tomes that tell of ancient prophecies and rituals
3. A hoard of coins and jewels hidden in a secret cellar
4. A cursed shield that leads its bearer into danger

1. The keep was built by dwarves who filled it with cunning traps and secret chambers.
2. Elves once lived in the keep, so their magic still lingers in the stones.
3. A young noble disappeared into the keep many years ago, never to be seen again.
4. A recent storm struck the keep, causing a wall to partially collapse or a tower to fall.

1. During storms, spirits of thunder and rain descend to the keep and hunt anyone foolish enough to be there.
2. The most famous bandit in the last 30 years hid is treasure somewhere in the keep.
3. An ancient bird-spirit lives in the keep and will grant wishes to visitors, if they are worthy.
4. The keep guards a door to the underworld, and on moonless nights, the restless dead haunt the halls.

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