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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dragon Hoards

Dragons are everywhere in fantasy settings. Big dragons, little dragons, dragons that climb on rocks, they've all got one thing in common: they love treasure! They love treasure so much, that they collect it into huge piles and lie on it. But what's in that trove after the PCs have negotiated with, killed, or driven off the dragon that created it? In addition to the usual piles of coins and jewels and the magical equipment coveted by PCs, a dragon hoard is likely to contain some other items of immense value.

Dragon Hoards

  1. A full set of goblets, bowls, and plates made from astral crystal
  2. A silver-coated wooden chest with gold inlay filled with copper coins
  3. A golden owlbear skull
  4. Twin daggers made entirely of ruby
  5. A thrones and bones set with pieces of onyx and pearl
  6. A mithril throne engraved with a list of ancient kings and queens
  7. A pouch made of minotaur-leather and filled with glittering mind gems
  8. Dragon-sized cutlery made of platinum-plated steel
  9. A stained-glass image of a dragon, except the "stained glass" is actually incredibly thin sheets of colored gemstones
  10. A tapestry woven of gold and silver thread with an adamant frame

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