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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Random Encounters: Superpowered Sewer Tunnels

As with previous random encounter tables, this is designed to be able to generate an interesting random encounter in a specific genre at a specific location. Hopefully, this will be more relevant to you than simply handing out a d100 table of completely random encounters that leave you with wildly disparate (or even impossible) encounter elements.

In this case, the tables below should generate a dynamic encounter in a superheroes setting in the sewer system below a largish city.


1. Nuclear-powered android
2. Four-armed alien princess
3. Squad of blaster-wielding goons
4. Anthropomorphic crocodile
5. Rat-themed supercriminal
6. Rogue vigilante

Environment feature

1. The stench is debilitating to anyone with a nose.
2. The area is a maze of branching tunnels and hidden alcoves.
3. The water is much deeper than it looks.
4. The tunnels open into a cylindrical room, where the wastewater flows in a series of waterfalls.
5. Detritus of every kind litters the walkways of the tunnels.
6. The walkways on either side of the tunnel are far apart and linked only by long wooden boards laid across the water.


1. A rush of filthy water comes crashing through the tunnels.
2. A blast of super-cooled air rolls down the tunnels, freezing the rushing wastewater as it goes.
3. One of the nearby grates spews a gush of wastewater tainted with mutagenic chemicals.
4. The walls, floors, ceiling, and rushing water all flicker and disappear, revealing the interior of a large alien vehicle.
5. Black-clad ninjas armed with electrified blades ambush the PCs and the creature.
6. The cries of a child echo from somewhere, but the tunnels can carry sound a long way…

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