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Friday, August 21, 2015

Random Encounters: Pulp Jungle

It's been more than a month since I made a Random Encounters post, so I thought it was high time to put up some more. As usual, the idea is to roll once on each table and use the results to generate a random encounter for your session.

Today's is a jungle encounter in a pulp setting (think Doc Savage or Indiana Jones). Enjoy!


1. Squadron of jack-booted thugs
2. Action archaeologist
3. Ruthless treasure hunter
4. Pair of hunting panthers
5. Swarm of killer bees
6. Native guide

Environment feature

1. A raging river cuts through the jungle.
2. The canopy above is so think that this area is as dark as night.
3. A narrow rope bridge spans a deep, rocky chasm.
4. A large stone head radiates an aura of dread.
5. Thorny vines hang down through the area, and their thorns are thoroughly venomous.
6. A circle of quicksand takes up most of a clearing.


1. A second creature arrives with contrary goals and/or motivation of the first (roll again, even if the result is the same).
2. A group of violent baboons swings down from the trees, angry and territorial.
3. A strange horn sounds loudly nearby.
4. A low-flying hot-air balloon drops a rope ladder into the area and someone calls out to the PCs to climb.
5. Wind blows the scent of burning vegetation from nearby.
6. A masked woman on horseback gallops into the area wielding a pistol and a curved sword.

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