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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Six-Word Sparks XI: Royal Escapades

Saving peasants and fighting underlings is suitable for common adventurers with no grace or social standing. But in the aristocratic courts, the affairs of the nobility and the royalty are the purview of adventurous princesses and meddlesome princelings. For them, only the proceedings of their equals are worth drawing a blade, nocking an arrow, or whispering ancient spells.

Six-Word Sparks

  1. Bounty hunters seek rebel lizardfolk princess.
  2. Gnome illusionist makes royal palace vanish.
  3. Sorcerer-prince blamed for failing crops.
  4. Children summon ancient emperor's fiery spirit.
  5. Innocent(?) dwarf noble flees elven justice.
  6. Noblewoman challenges king to royal duel.
  7. Orc tribes make peace with baron.
  8. Psychic stone giant becomes Dwarven king.
  9. Apemen hide while the Prince schemes.
  10. Disowned prince sells secrets to enemies.

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