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Friday, July 17, 2015

Adventure Sites: The Tavern

It's been a while since I posted any adventure sites. Last time, I had a theme, and I created a few locations for that theme in different genres. I thought it worked well, so I'm trying it again.

These adventure sites are designed to fit into the cracks of a campaign. Each site is a single location that has a few sections, a few encounters, some rewards, and a hook. Drop these in at the nearest part of your world that matches the location, dangle the hook in front of your players, and let it go from there.

The Golden Loin* (fantasy)

Location: In the bad part of town, near an important contact's meeting place
Areas: The bar, the kitchen, the cellar
NPCs: Niana Barule (shady barkeep), Kolie (musical prodigy), Saffron (brute bouncer), Jeb (unlucky patron)
Obstacles: Saffron doesn't allow anyone to enter with weapons or magical implements, Kolie's music is mesmerizing, Niana slips sleeping potion into the drinks of anyone who asks too many questions, a hungry troll is chained in the magically soundproofed cellar trying to eat Jeb
Rewards: The chains that bind the troll are magical, Kolie would make a potent ally if charmed away from Niana's wickedness, a keg of powerful sleeping potion can be found under the bar, Jeb will thank his rescuers with gold
Hook: A muffled scream can be heard from the bar, but it is empty when the PCs enter.
* This is not a typo on my part, though it may be an in-world mistake that stuck.

Twenty-One Gun Saloon (old west)

Location: In the center of town, across from the church
Areas: The bar, the kitchen, the upper floor rooms
NPCs: Rodrigo [friendly barkeep], Madame Sufani [deadly dancer], Lola "Quicksilver" Turner [notorious outlaw]
Obstacles: Quicksilver's outlaw gang is spread out among the tables and chairs, Madame Sufani is an expert swordswoman and friend of Quicksilver, Quicksilver is the fastest shooter for 100 miles
Rewards: The reward for Quicksilver is very generous, Quicksilver's infamous silver pistols are custom-made and worth a small fortune, Rodrigo will be grateful to have Quicksilver's gang dispersed
Hook: The PCs see Quicksilver enter the saloon, and immediately see a wanted poster for her.

Event Horizon (science fiction)

Location: On the recreation deck, near a well-used entrance
Areas: The dance floor, the bar, the storeroom, the back room
NPCs: Niffra Zinar [scared teenager], M'kot [professional gambler], SM AL-One [android bartender]
Obstacles: The entrances for Event Horizon are one-way energy walls that can't be used from the inside, Event Horizon's auto-security drones fire stunblasters at anyone committing violence, M'kot wants to play a high-stakes game to give the PCs a chance to win back Niffra's card
Rewards: Anything else the PCs can take from M'kot's winnings is theirs, SM AL-One offers a round of free drinks for ridding Event Horizon of the unwanted gambler, Niffra's parents are influential people
Hook: As the PCs walk by, a hidden door opens and Niffra calls quietly for help getting her parents' credcard back from M'Kot.

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