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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Random Adventure Table

Surprised by players who want to play a game soon?  At a loss for what to do now that your players have cleanly resolved your most recent plot?  Having a one-shot adventure to liven things up?

Me neither.

But that didn't stop me from creating this Adventure Generator table for a Contessa contest a while back.

Since I can't reproduce the whole table here (not effectively, anyway), I'll post a link to it and then generate a random adventure here.  Be aware that this table tends to generate fairly straightforward plots-on-rails, but sometimes that's all you need.

Adventure Generator (via Google Sheets)

Genre: Post-apocalyptic survival
Plot: Trick or force marriage on an innocent
Scenes: High-stakes game of poker/chess/Catan and high-speed horse chase/car chase/aerial dogfight
Minions: Mindless drone soldiers
Villain: Tinker
Villain Personality: Certifiably insane
Twist: The villain is one of the PCs from the future
MacGuffin: The lipstick of Lady Luck

With some creative interpretation, we have a clear adventure outline.


In the aftermath of global firestorms, survivors struggle for food and water every day.  A group of survivors have banded together and have formed a small community. This community's scavengers are the PCs.  They wander the ruins around their community seeking supplies and tools to help rebuild their budding town.

The villain, an inventor from the future, has come back to the present in order to marry a close friend or lover of one of the PCs.  Unfortunately, she has come back with a force of military automatons to do her bidding.  She captures the spouse-to-be and demands betrothal with force.

The target, thinking quickly, agreed to the marriage, but requested that the villain acquire a special lipstick first, the lipstick of Lucky Lucy, a famous woman from before the apocalypse.  The villain agreed and took the victim into the ruins, along with her robots.  The dazed and confused survivors relay this to the PCs, who must delve into the ruins themselves to find this lipstick and cut off the villain's insane plan.

The PCs track down the lipstick at the same time the villain's robots do, and the PCs must chase the robots through the scorched streets on conveniently undamaged and fueled-up motorbikes.  But the lipstick is a decoy!  The real one was stolen by a local warlord.

The villain escapes with the spouse-to-be and arrives at the warlord's riverboat headquarters before the PCs.  The warlord allows the PCs to enter, and then reveals that the villain has staked all of her robot warriors in a high-stakes game in order to win the lipstick.  The PCs must enter the game in order to prevent the robots from going to the ambitious warlord or the lipstick from going to the mad villain.

The results of the game set everything on a knife edge, and the villain inadvertently reveals that she is one of the PCs from the future.  She claims that she had always loved the spouse-to-be, but that this warlord destroyed the village while she was out on a scavenging trip.  The loss drove the villain to madness.  It is quickly revealed that the warlord was only able to destroy the community because of the robots brought back by the villain.

Can this mish-mash time paradox be resolved?  Will the spouse-to-be get whisked away into the future?  Will the warlord claim the robots and destroy the town?


Is this the greatest adventure of all time?  No, probably not.  Is it a fun way to spend a few hours?  Probably yes.


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