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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Random Encounters: Mythical Mountain

Time for another set of random encounter tables! This is the last of the "new" genres, so now I will go back through some genres I've already addressed and create tables for new locations.

As always, the goal of these tables is to allow you to create an interesting encounter in a genre (mythical, in this case) at a specific location (here, a mountain). Hopefully, these tables are reminiscent of classical mythologies, and they inspire you to create a memorable, mythical encounter.

Mythical Mountain

1. A mountain goat with a snake’s head
2. A tribe of tiny mouse people
3. An eagle with two heads: one head spits fire, the other exhales sleeping gas
4. A gigantic earthworm that can eat granite
5. A winged tortoise who speaks only in rhymes
6. A humanoid creature made half of tree and half of rock

Environment feature
1. A dark cave is lit only by a glowing stalactite.
2. A narrow cliffside path crumbles away at the edges.
3. A long canyon is prone to rockslides.
4. An abandoned shrine has an aura of death.
5. A bank of black, impenetrable fog is rolling down the mountain from above.
6. A small spring burbles nearby, and the sound it entrancing.

1. Half-vulture, half-wolf creatures swoop down out of nowhere and attack everyone.
2. A bolt of lightning strikes the creature.
3. The ground shakes, and a deep voice bellows from nearby, "Who disturbs my slumber?!"
4. The creature transforms into a tall humanoid with antlers and ram's hooves.
5. A warrior leaps out, seemingly from nowhere, and tries to slay the creature.
6. The creature begins fading, and hurriedly marks a strange symbol in the dirt.

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